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SubjectI think it's about time Reply to this message
Posted byChachiSqrPants
Posted on07/28/05 12:34 PM

> I hope all the bullshit that's been generated from this hotcoffee nonsense
> doesn't end up costing us a sequel to GTA or in a worst case scenario, the
> closedown of rockstar.

I played San Andreas for all of 1 hour one day then uninstalled it. Something good that might come out of all this foolishness is that Rockstar will finally have to re-think their GTA games, hopefully with more innovation and playability (and a new fucking engine), rather than simply making the game more vulgar. I think the series has finally reached its end, and with this, they'll be able to make a better game.

As far as closing Rockstar, aside from GTA, the rest of their games are shit. They're either capitalizing on what they consider shocking, or are re-hashes of games that offer more in terms of playability.

> The fucking morality of mainstream america never ceases to amaze me. The old
> fucking ass isn't sorry she bought a game rated 17 and older for her 14 yo
> grandkid. Apparently she has no problem with him, within a VIDEO-GAME,
> slaughtering countless people, undertaking in several acts of brutal violence
> and crime, etc., but oh dear lord, if he's exposed to a scene of a guy banging
> some low-polygon-count character, there'll be hell to pay.
> Fuck you middle america, fuck you up your stupid asses.

Middle America? I don't know about that. What you have is a politician creating an issue to bolster support and media attention. Media, mindful of ratings, jumps on board. I doubt the average parent who purchased the game previously for their child is going to think twice now that they know of this story. If so, GOOD! Lazy parents may not have known about how bad the game was before this story, and now know more. Strictly lazy parents, of course, considering the game was rated M-17. And if Rockstar feels the brunt of this story, they should. They shipped the game with that shit in there. Get some QA, for God's sake. Of course, you have movies that are equally as bad that 17 year olds can get into. So the ratings board needs to re-think their issues as well. With a proper and respected ratings system in place, this wouldn't be an issue. It's like arguing that an R rated movie has sex in it. Silly. It's all grandstanding, on everyone's part.

> btw CK, no, the DVD is a simple single layered disc. The protection apparently
> is a bit annoying, but there's plenty of working isos floating around.

I only played the game for an hour on my PC, but my downloaded single layer DVD had zero problems burning, installing, or playing within that time. And I got it off the popular torrent, so I'm sure you won't have a problem.


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