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SubjectRe: I think it's about time Reply to this message
Posted byChachiSqrPants
Posted on07/28/05 02:16 PM

> Wow I don't know if we played the same game because san andreas is one of the
> best games I played, and it sure is the best gta game. Don't know why you didn't
> like it, of course if previous gta weren't your cup of tea (and not coffee,
> ooohh) I can understand.

I loved both the other games. 3 was revolutionary, I played the shit out of that one. Vice City was fun, mostly because of the environs and the engine was still passable.

I'm sure there's a ton of stuff that SA added in terms of the stuff to do, but honestly I couldn't get past the engine. It hurt me to look at. The gangsta business was way too easy and not nearly as clever as the storyline in VC. I didn't like the storyline at all. In terms of gameplay, the sequels are nothing but add-ons. I guess I expected them to continue to push the boundaries of the gameplay experience.

> I don't know a lot of their games, all I know is that I have Midnight Club 3 and
> it's damn good, better than NFSU2 in many aspects and it sure was damn fun to
> play with a friend yesterday.

I played Midnight Club, that sucked even when it was new. 2 was ok, I haven't played 3. Red Dead Revolver was alright, Max Payne was alright. Everything else is poop. Manhunt was 4 years past its prime and hinged upon violence, and State of Emergency was a fucking joke.

I'd like to see an incident like this push the company towards something bigger and better, instead of cashing in on minor upgrades and rehashes of titles that have been done better by other companies.


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