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SubjectRe: Stupid old bitch should get in trouble. Reply to this message
Posted byJoffeman
Posted on07/28/05 10:00 PM

> She's trying to sue someone because she bought her 14-year-old grandson a game
> intended for people 17-years or older! I seriously hope that gets brought up in
> court and the case tossed out. She should then be fined for contributing to the
> delinquency of a minor, biotch. That's like buying your 14-year-old alcohol and
> then trying to sue Budweiser because they got drunk and died of alcohol
> poisoning.
no. it's illegal to buy a minor alcohol. it's legal to give them a videogame. any videogame. the 'rating' is not law, though, and this lawsuit is of course nonsense. countersuing her is fucking retarded, though- she didn't break the law by exposing the kid to the game anymore than rockstar did by selling it.

> Yes, we have more than enough idiots in the US and Hillary Clinton is a stupid
> whore.

no shit. trying to make laws out of ratings that are put in place by the industry itself is just stupid- this is the type of situation that helped the mpaa gain a monopoly on film distribution to major theater chains. this entire thing is fucked up.


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