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SubjectWatch the Firmware Levels Reply to this message
Posted byn2locarz
Posted on12/13/05 09:20 PM

The magic firmware level is 1.5 - If you have 1.51 or above (but below 2.0) there is a trick on moving back to 1.5. I know it works cause I did it. There are tons are emus and games for the psp if you are on 1.5. But... and this is a big but. All new games require an updated firmware level to run unless you hack them and run them on a memory card. Then you have you use a a little util to trick the psp into loading from the memory card while thinking it's the drive. It's a pain in the but with the firmwares. The newer firmware has a decent browser, and it works pretty well. Hopefully someone hacks firmware 2.5 or 2.6 soon. Also, check out a.b.psp for all you hax0r needs.


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