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SubjectMy two cents Reply to this message
Posted byitchyNADZ
Posted on12/29/05 12:41 PM

LCDs still don't match up to CRTs when it comes to gaming or video editing.

Their refresh rate and lack of different resolutions hurts them in the games area.

When it comes to video editing (of which I do a lot), LCDs are mostly useless
because most people still use CRT based TVs to watch DVDs and videos. Video
on a CRT is different than video on an LCD, color wise. Even if you calibrate
them, the LCDs still look different. Once a majority of people (me included)
go to an LCD display system in the home, then I'll get an LCD for my video
editing computer.

> my monitor died on me yesterday -- I suspect the CRTube inside just fried (ie:
> the green LED light is on, so it's getting an input signal even though it
> doesn't display anything) -- and i'm going to have to get a new one.
> should I get an LCD or CRT?
> 19 inch LCDs are typically $349+ and max out their resolution at 1280x1024
> (which is pretty much fixed cos you can't change an LCD's resolution without it
> getting all blurry, apparently)
> there's a 19inch CRT I'm looking at for $227 that goes up to 1792 x 1344 (and is
> also a flat screen blah blah blah)
> the computer is used mainly for entertainment (movies, some games), internet
> stuff, and video-editing.
> what do you lot recommend?

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