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SubjectI always had an issue with LCD blur...BUT.. Reply to this message
Posted byEvildrak
Posted on12/29/05 07:54 PM

> And I'm quite happy with it. It's a 20 inch widescreen (with a 1680x1050
> resolution). Unfortunatly, i have to run just about every game at the max
> resolution, or it looks like poo. So more recent games are more demanding. DVI
> also helps if you've got it on your video card.
> reason why i went this route was because even my old 17 inch CRT was too
> fucking big for my desk. And, if i was going to buy a new one, i figured that
> anything bigger would be a pain in the arse. And, widescreen interested me at
> the time too, since most games were being made with widescreen compatibility
> (HL2, Doom 3, etc).
I have a 21" (yes, 21" viewable) Trinitron flat screen CRT down the cellar..reason being, it takes up about 2 feet of desk space and weighs a fucking ton. My current Sony 17" LCD is fine for what I need. Yes, games look a little cocky on it and all, but I would rather be able to write out bills and paperwork on my desk as opposed to sitting right on top on that 21" behemoth going blind..Not exstatic about LCD, but it_HAS_come a long way since it's TFT beginnings.

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