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SubjectPlease tell me that's someone else's drug story dean.. Reply to this message
Posted byEvildrak
Posted on06/18/06 09:19 AM

> well heres one.
> For maybe a year I have been addicted to xanax. Using extr, using just not to
> get a headache, but mostly using to make the day a blur. I seriously have lost
> my concept of time. This is mostly due to work, as I would take about 2 or 3
> before going in each day and by the end of the day that number was up to 6. This
> was when I noticed not only that I had an addiction, but that it was becoming
> fucked up. I failed at my apprenticeship program with the IBEW and took three
> the day I Was to be fired - I was gonna quit, just to actuate to some degree my
> own choices. In retrospect I fucked up big - time because I didn't get
> unemployment. After that I didn't do much for abot or 5 months and then I
> worked for Kroger for about 6 months. I decided to quit my last job and I have
> one with the in-law's now, and in retrospect there's only one reason that I quit
> the last job: I ran out of Xanax. I haven't had more than 1 a day in a month or
> 2 and I havent had any at all for 2 weeks. The best part is that I am going back
> to suckle at mother benzo's tit. I think I can contain it now but I don't know.
> Oh yeah like 3 or 4 accieents due to it as well, culminating in a 8 mg day that
> led to a nice sized dent in my right front fender. I like to think I'm safer
> now, since I actively refrain from driving (even if I'm leaving work) if I think
> I am too inbriated.
> Plus I eat lots of fiber now because it can reduce my risk of heart disease.
> lo que sucede sucede
If it was yours, get some help, seriously. You'll look back on these years and have a hurt worse than any you'll be feeling now.

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