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SubjectRe: What is really important. Reply to this message
Posted byJoffeman
Posted on08/04/06 11:33 AM

> He guys. Haven't been here for a few weeks. Through the years I come and go.
> I have been married for 10 years to a wonderful women - my soulmate. I have 3
> wonderful kids. At the beginning of this year I burried myself in work (started
> a company). I thought that if I could complete this one project, I could put
> our family ahead financially. While it might have done that, about two weeks
> ago, I learned that my wife has lost here love for me. She met a guy at her
> work and they have grown very close. I don't think she has cheated on me, but
> she does love him. Boy has this really put things in perspective for me. I
> love her more than anything - I am heartbroken. I left my 9-5 job at IBM last
> week so that I can focus on this. Everyday I focus on her and my kids. I am
> doing everything I can to win her back.

i wish you the best- a lot of guys are afraid to admit when they've neglected the things that are truly important to them, and even fewer actually try to sort it out.

> I consider myself a christian. I found
> god years ago but fell away since I thought I didn't need him. Since this has
> started, he brought me to my knees. I am not preeching to you about finding
> god. I pray everyday.

i'm glad that you find solace in your religion, and that you obviously see that prayer itself is best accompanied by action. i respect that, regardless of my own religious beliefs. i recommend you see pasolini's the gospel according to saint matthew. i find it beautiful & inspirational, and it's the most faithful film in spirit & execution to any book of the new or old testaments.

> Since this started, I would say that things are getting
> better. She is staying at home and even sleeps in my bed with me. We spent the
> day together. It was awesome. It's been so rough, I sometimes wish I could
> just leave. The though of her and this other guy makes my stomach ache. She
> will not admitt to this guy - guess she thinks it will hurt me too much. I don't
> know who he is but I know she works with him and he is married with 3 kids.

what dirt do you have on this guy? is she spending time with him outside of work, and if so, is she trying to hide that she does? did she give you the speech on 'things not working out', or did she just kinda drift away?

> What an asshole. Not only is he beening unfaithful and destroying his marriage,
> but he is trying to destroy ours also. I would love to find him. I wouldn't
> hurt him, but I bet his wife would love to know about all of this. I consider
> myself a lucky guy. None of my friends or close family members have every
> passed away. I have never had a girl break my heart. I have to say this is the
> worst pain I have ever experienced.

yeah that shit's no fun, mad painful.

>I have found something so important that I
> will never stop fighting for it. She is the one. I know that.

i know it sounds fruity, but have you been in the habit of telling her your emotions before now? if not, doing so may have a massive impact. being open & honest is really important when you wanna make shit right. knowing what's important and making effort is even more important, though, and as you've already begun to make large sacrifices, you're obviously serious about it.

also, get her a potted, flowering plant that isn't going to wither and die. bitches can't get enough of that type of shit.


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