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SubjectRe: One more fuckage... Reply to this message
Posted byLordEvilElmo
Posted on09/17/06 08:37 AM

> > Regarding the virtual console; Do you know if they are modifying the games in
> > any way shape or form? I love Mario KArt 64s tracks, but I get a headache with
> > the awful refresh rate.
> >
> I haven't heard anything about that to be honest. Just fired up MK64 in Surreal
> on my Xbox, and the refresh rate seemed fine, so perhaps it'll be OK just
> because modern consoles have better video output?
> One thing I do remember reading a while ago is that the classic games weren't
> going to be tweaked for the motion-sensitive controller, so that's a clue.
> Looking back on Nintendo's past re-releases, there's a mixed approach. For Super
> Mario All Stars, they made a lot of changes (graphics, playability tweaks),
> whereas for the Gamecube releases of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, there
> were small changes (saving in Majora's Mask), but they left emulation glitches
> in (there's even a warning that the sound will be messed up in the
> instructions). For the Classics range on the GBA, it seemed like they were
> pretty-much unchanged ... and I think that's what we're going to see with the
> Virtual Console games, as they are at a relatively-low price-point (unlike Mario
> All Stars, which was a full-priced SNES game).
> It would be pretty cool to play MK64 online though...

Hmmmm... Sounds like there is a slim chance of having much upscaling. If it is like the X-Box emulators (i.e. the reason the refresh was so poor was processing power being too slow), then maybe it will be ok.

If you fancy playing 4 MK64 tracks (Oddly, 2 of the bad ones were included), the DS version hs them included and I will happily play ya ;)

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