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SubjectWii hunting: an observation new Reply to this message
Posted bySnowball 2
Posted on01/14/07 07:38 PM

I've been trying to hunt down a Wii for the last week or two. I read some arguments on the internet that the Wii is only outselling the PS3 because of the quantity available i.e. Sony would outsell had they the inventory.

The funny thing is that I don't think that is the case. Everywhere I've been for the last few weeks never have any Wiis in stock but they always ask if I want a PS3 because they have a bunch of those. I've seen them in nearly every store that sells videogame hardware but the Wii is absent.

Given this observation it appears to me that had the Wii and Sony both had enough machines to meet demand then the Wii would still be crushing Sony. There's less available but I don't see them so brutally sold out the way the Wii is.


SubjectRe: Wii hunting: an observation new Reply to this message
Posted byn2locarz
Posted on01/14/07 11:24 PM

I totally agree. Was at Walmart a week after the ps3
was released. As we entered, they announced there were
8 ps3's available. After getting food and all of our
supplies (1.5 hrs) I strolled by the ps3 stack - still
8 left. Doesn't mean much really but there wasn't a
wii to be found. Sony is following Sega on this one
I'm afraid. In the end, MS will crush the competition
again. If someone would have told me 10 years ago that
Palm would be installing a MS OS on there PDA's I would
have laughed. I think Sony was so focused on MS that
they forgot about Nintendo.


SubjectRe: Wii hunting: an observation Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on01/15/07 00:17 AM

Actually since days after Christmas I've seen the entire line of gaystop/eb stores in the area posting hand made marker ads on the front windows saying PS3's in stock 60GB model, in some cases both. What they have not been advertising either way is the Wii, but they're out...everywhere. Circuit City for weeks now has had a store made sticker like logo on the front window there saying it is out of stock.

The SICK thing is that fucked up group of assclowns at the NPD that get quoted as 'accurate' to sales showing the PS3 at like 600K and Wii at 900K current, when in reality the Wii is like 1.2 and the PS3 at 750K. Not sure if anyone here knows it already or not but NPD doesn't get totals from Walmart, Toys R Us and Target...the three largest game retailers (coincidentially Nintendo's biggest sellers too.) Funny how that fucks with the curve eh?

Fact is Nintendo was right and Sony was dead wrong and FINALLY this time is paying for it. Nintendo knew a lot of people weren't wanting to pay $400-600 for a console. They knew they needed a ton of units to try and meet demand but they'd still be short. Sony says people are paying too little and will welcome the PS3 at that price for the games and movies and they'd be sold out for a long time.


Now if you want a semi-accurate total of stuff sold so far, try here: http://www.vgcharts.org/ That other place called consolewars is full of shit and way off. Funny how fast Wii is catching on the 360 and only is being shafted by short supply (like the DS often suffers from especially in Japan.)

SubjectRe: Wii hunting: an observation new Reply to this message
Posted byKrAcKeR
Posted on01/15/07 01:10 PM

It's the exact same here in Canada. PS3s are everywhere, but Wiis are scarce and sellout as soon as they hit the floor.


In reply to:

According to independent U.S. sales figures released by the NPD Group, Nintendo may have recorded "the most successful across-the-board holiday performance in U.S. videogame history."

SubjectPeople are dying for Wiis new Reply to this message
Posted byCereal Killer
Posted on01/15/07 03:09 PM

That's how popular they are.

SubjectMS will win this round new Reply to this message
Posted byjonnyvegas
Posted on01/15/07 04:16 PM

they have got the live gaming which sony have never mastered, as for the Wii well im not yet convinced but after ive brought a new pc, hd tv i might consider checking it out but ive gotta prioritize


Subjectholy crap! new Reply to this message
Posted byn2locarz
Posted on01/15/07 06:08 PM

That's where I used to live! That was my favorite
radio station - Rock 107. Crazy!

Subjectperhaps new Reply to this message
Posted byn2locarz
Posted on01/15/07 08:53 PM

MS will likely win but competition is good. Unless you
bought the wrong system and it's canned or doesn't get
any new games. Then competition sucks!

For what's it worth, I still deciding which to get -
An PS2(modded) or an XBOX (non-360).

I love discussing which is the best though. I am just
such a cheap ass when it comes to dropping $$ on systems
and games.


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