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SubjectBest Game Ever Reply to this message
Posted byjonnyvegas
Posted on01/29/07 02:16 PM

I Guess goes down to personal choice but i was thinking today about an article i read about Final Fantasy 7 being the best game ever, i did really like FF7 and it could well be worthy of the title, just curious to what others think.


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Subject  Posted byPosted On
.Best Game Ever  jonnyvegas01/29/07 02:16 PM
.*SF2 CE -nt-  Anonymous02/03/07 10:08 PM
.*Dance Dance Bukkake [nt]  Anonymous02/02/07 11:37 AM
..*Skeetmania *nt*  wildcat02/02/07 08:19 PM
.*STUNTS -nt- how could I forget!  skydoune02/01/07 04:13 AM
..*Man that game was so great  JudgeInjury02/01/07 01:30 PM
.*Alone in the Dark (classic)  Terry Bogard01/31/07 03:20 PM
.*Dragon Quest VIII -nt-  Anonymous01/31/07 01:01 AM
.*Mario Paint -nt- my first mouse ever. -nt-  Buveed01/30/07 08:57 PM
..*How old are you? 5? -n-t Bible Adventures  Snowball 201/30/07 09:10 PM
...*It was the shit back in the day.  Buveed01/31/07 00:03 AM
.*Re: Best Game Ever  postamessage01/30/07 08:05 PM
.*Baldur's Gate 1/2 nt I still play them  Anonymous01/30/07 07:26 PM
.*Ys: Oath In Felghana... or maybe Castlevania 3 -nt-  skydoune01/30/07 04:42 PM
.*Final Fantasy VI or Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (nt)  Bryzian01/30/07 10:04 AM
.*Ultima Online 1998-2000ish  JudgeInjury01/30/07 09:34 AM
.*Re: Best Game Ever  wildcat01/29/07 11:20 PM
..*nice choice  Ti-BOne01/30/07 05:51 AM
.*Blaster Master (NES)  Alyas01/29/07 09:57 PM
..*Re: Blaster Master (NES)  Joffeman01/29/07 10:42 PM
...*Re: Blaster Master (NES)  Alyas01/31/07 07:33 AM
....*yer i meant the megadrive one [nt]  Joffeman01/31/07 01:11 PM
...*Re: Blaster Master (NES) - music  SatsuNoHiTo01/29/07 11:31 PM
.*tetris 2 (NES) [nt]  Joffeman01/29/07 09:23 PM
.*Pong. NT So many twists in the story, great gfx, it's unparallelled. :-)  Death Knight01/29/07 09:17 PM
..*last boss was too hard nt 1 hit kills? cheap  Eon_Blue01/29/07 09:52 PM
.*Re: Best Game Ever  Anonymous01/29/07 07:57 PM
..*Comix Zone was a concept they need to revisit  JudgeInjury01/30/07 09:42 AM
.*Ultima IV  itchyNADZ01/29/07 07:10 PM
.*Re: Best Game Ever  VmprHntrD01/29/07 06:32 PM
.*Raiden DX -nt-  ZeroKnightRaiden01/29/07 05:51 PM
.*Some nominations  RoushiMSX01/29/07 05:37 PM
.*Super Mario Kart -nt  Jonemaan01/29/07 05:27 PM
.*Super Mario World or Maniac Mansion -NT-  Pinto Bravo01/29/07 04:54 PM
.*Super Mario Bros. 3 -nt-  jajig01/29/07 04:24 PM