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SubjectSaitek-pads Reply to this message
Posted byAnonymous (
Posted on01/29/07 06:29 PM

> > The P880 and P990 look fine, they have 6 buttons on the right (thinking about
> > CPS games), two analog sticks and 2 or 4 shoulder triggers (psx emus).
> > -+*
I love that joypad. I used to have a Thrustmaster pad, that looked like a saturn pad, which was a very good d-pad.(Too bad it only has too few buttons), and I really loved, but it broke, so I bought a logitech-pad. (the one with rumble), but I really hated that d-pad. So much infact that I rather used the analog-sticks on it. It broke down (cablebreach) after a fewmoths, so I bought a Saitek pad, which was excellent,and I really love evenmore than my thrustmaster pad. De d-pad is very good and very responsive, and the analog stick are excelent. it has 6 normal buttons and 2 shoulder buttons. a purplebutton, which can be used forstart and pause. O.k. it's too bad that it has no analog shoulder buttons, or 4 instead of 2 shoulder buttons, or a special button for select or buildin rapid-fire, but these are only minor gripes. If I had to buy another joypad, it would probably this one, allthough a Xbox 360 pad looks also prettygood. Does anyone has some experience with this pad?
> > The bigger models have rumble, and the p3300 is even wireless.
> >
> > I was wondering if they are as good as they seem, and if there is anything
> > better out there which also has those damn 6 buttons...
> >
> > Any idea?
> >
> >
> The old gameport MS Sidewinder pads were great. They had the 6 button layout
> like a Genesis pad where X, Y, and Z were a little smaller than A, B, and C.
> D-pad on them was comfortable too.
> When they switched to usb pads, the controller went to shit. The d-pad changed
> and ended up being a lot stiffer and less accurate. I've heard that later on,
> they changed the usb pads to be more like the old gameport ones, but I've never
> seen those in person.
> The gameport ones should be dirt cheap right now. I bought 2 of them still in
> factory wrap, but without boxes, for $4 each at a computer fair like 3 years
> ago.
> As for the Saitek pads, yeah, they're really good. They're the only gamepads
> out on the market right now that I actually like.

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