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SubjectWarioware Smooth Moves Reply to this message
Posted bySnowball 2
Posted on02/24/07 11:51 PM

Pretty fun but my major gripe is that the so-called "multiplayer" is actually just using a single fucking remote and passing it back and forth feverishly trying to strap the fucker on in time to play the mini-game. For the first 20 minutes I started up the game I was trying to figure out why my #2 controller kept disconnecting. I almost called the support line to find out what the fuck was wrong. Come to find out that you ONLY use ONE FUCKING CONTROLLER.

Does anyone else think that is just a really fucking horrible way to play multiplayer? Sure you can have 12 players but you may as well make it 12,000 if you want to make it look like the multiplayer is goddam gigantic. Major let down for sure. It's fun as hell and I could only imagine what it would be like to have multiple people play without the bullshit of tossing the Wiimote all over the fucking place...

Oh did I fail to mention you have to beat a ton of levels before they even let you try the multiplayer? Yeah. Way fucking cool.

One really cool mini-game was where you play StarFox with the Wiimote. If they ever made a re-release with those controls it would really become a whole new game. Not like they won't have a StarFox in the Wii but you know...nice to try it here.


SubjectDamn fun game new Reply to this message
Posted byn2locarz
Posted on02/25/07 03:25 AM

I only played it for a half hour but I loved it. Considering the price of those controllers, I understand why they made it this way. Perhaps an option would have been nice. Haven't seen my wife enjoy a video game that much since Dance Dance Revolution.


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