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SubjectGaming Month starts today.. actually.. yesterday.. Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on04/02/07 11:14 AM

but thatīs no problem.

So, whatīs in your list to play ?

Iīm decided that iīm not gonna cover any themes, except that iīll keep it 8-bit. Thereīs loads of games, i want to have another go, and have no time for it, so now, itīs about as good as a time as ever.

I have been playing Ninja Gaiden II lately (see my sig), but i need to do a proper run of it (no savestates). So, hereīs some stuff i want to play it (not sure if a month is enough) :

- Ninja Gaiden II - NES
- Totally Rad - NES
- Rockinī Cats / NY Yankees - NES
- Journey to Silius - NES
- Megaman IV - NES
- Alex Kidd in High-Tech World - SMS
- E-Swat - SMS
- Galaxy Force - SMS
- Blade Eagle 3D - SMS

And thatīs about it. Itīs all short games, but since some of them are pretty damn hard, it takes a while to master them.

Also, i was thinking we should do a parallel, Space Invaders competition, where the highest score (maybe we can use a MAME SaveState to comprove it?) wins. (No prizes, but fun?)
Doesnīt need to be SI, just thought about it.

Anyway, just ranting..

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