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SubjectIt's marketing Reply to this message
Posted byMarv
Posted on04/17/07 03:49 PM

> Am I the only one who thinks it's kind of a scam? I've been shopping for a
> laptop for someone else, and pretty much everything has Vista on it. I can't
> see anything good about it. Let's look at the proposed benefits:
> More reliable. I don't really buy it; XP/2000 is pretty relibale on it's own,
> and I havn't seen anything that suggests that Vista is invincible, other than
> Microsoft saying it is.
> More security. Didn't Kaspersky and other AV companies come out and say that
> it's worse than XP SP2 in terms of security?
> Pretty new GUI. Which uses a lot of resources. Personally I don't care much
> for the graphical gloss.
> Direct3D 10. This just pisses me off. Way to screw over gamers. I hope
> someone figures out a workaround or devs start using OpenGL instead.
> And the bad...
> Mass consumption of resources. Not only does this hurt you in hardware costs,
> but especially for laptops, the power consumption just kills battery life. From
> what I hear, a lot of people are switching to XP because of this and the next
> problem...
> Compatibility. I've been hearing about tons of compatibility issues with old
> stuff. Games especially.
> So I guess I don't get it. I've never liked Microsoft's tactics, but this seems
> like a scam. It makes me feel like going back to 98, just on principal. I hear
> FAT32 blows for larger hard drives though; and XP has better built in hardware
> support. It's really too bad that Linux sucks so much for games (other than
> emulators), otherwise I'd be all over some Ubuntu.

It has some nice ideas (vector-based graphics and stuff), but support for it is quite immature at the moment and you can't sensibly run it on cheap PCs. It might be great in 2 or 3 years (when hardware is cheaper and people have written software that utilises Vista's new bits properly), but right now, it's not worth it. So XP is the way forward ... except that Microsoft are putting pressure on retailers and PC manufacturers to stop selling XP. Fuckars.

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