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SubjectDell is apparently going to go back to preloaded XP on some models -nt Reply to this message
Posted byKrAcKeR
Posted on04/17/07 10:55 PM

> Am I the only one who thinks it's kind of a scam? I've been shopping for a
> laptop for someone else, and pretty much everything has Vista on it. I can't
> see anything good about it. Let's look at the proposed benefits:
> More reliable. I don't really buy it; XP/2000 is pretty relibale on it's own,
> and I havn't seen anything that suggests that Vista is invincible, other than
> Microsoft saying it is.
> More security. Didn't Kaspersky and other AV companies come out and say that
> it's worse than XP SP2 in terms of security?
> Pretty new GUI. Which uses a lot of resources. Personally I don't care much
> for the graphical gloss.
> Direct3D 10. This just pisses me off. Way to screw over gamers. I hope
> someone figures out a workaround or devs start using OpenGL instead.
> And the bad...
> Mass consumption of resources. Not only does this hurt you in hardware costs,
> but especially for laptops, the power consumption just kills battery life. From
> what I hear, a lot of people are switching to XP because of this and the next
> problem...
> Compatibility. I've been hearing about tons of compatibility issues with old
> stuff. Games especially.
> So I guess I don't get it. I've never liked Microsoft's tactics, but this seems
> like a scam. It makes me feel like going back to 98, just on principal. I hear
> FAT32 blows for larger hard drives though; and XP has better built in hardware
> support. It's really too bad that Linux sucks so much for games (other than
> emulators), otherwise I'd be all over some Ubuntu.

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