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SubjectYah, I know... July 22nd Reply to this message
Posted byPr3tty F1y
Posted on06/09/07 12:20 PM

But my comp is starting to flake out.

I know I *could* get the new power supply now and prolly solve some of my troubles (random reboots/freezes), but I really could use a reinstall of WinXP. I've had the same install for over 4 years and it's been great, but now it's starting to weird out on me like explorer sucking up 100% of cpu time and eating 500-600mb of ram when I open large-ish (300dpi) pictures. Prolly of some addon or prog I installed, but I really just don't want to track it down.

Plus I'm into getting eth0's WinXP Corporate + Updates ISO's. The latest is April 2007, and I have to say it's pretty sweet to reinstall WinXP and already have it up to date and simply work "better" than my current install (I installed it on my secondary PC).

The only thing I HATE is reinstalling all of my programs... basically I'm just going to have to take a day to do that...

_ _ - - = = Pr3tty F1y = = - - _ _

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