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Posted byChachiSqrPants
Posted on07/09/07 06:26 PM

> Basically it's not a reduction per-say, but a shift. The $600 unit is going to
> $500, this is true, but there is a replacement version. For $600 now you can
> get a 120GB unit and 1 free game (motorsport) along with it, also uses some new
> micron level on the cell which reduced heat (bfd to average or most anyone
> really.)

Actually, that pisses me off, I had to take mine out of the cabinet because the fan was so loud, that thing is hot as hell. It doesn't really get hot now, unless you play for a continuous 6 hrs or so, then you can hear the fan crank up, but when I had it in the cabinet the fan was so loud it was unbelievable.

> Deal is, it's still equally so a ripoff. Hmm let's add this up some. PS3
> $600=120GB HD unit+game...and currently 360 Elite is $480 and also has a 120GB
> HD and goodies.

I didn't really compare pricing, I just got a ps3 to play all my ps2 games, but I liked that it had 60gb, blu-ray, and wireless out of the box. Does the 360 come with all that stuff?

Not that it really matters, I have it now, but I did get a deal when I ordered through Dell - Got a coupon for Ridge Racer and a controller thrown in for free...


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