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SubjectI know, I'm just wishing it was like the old days... Reply to this message
Posted byJudgeInjury
Posted on07/10/07 05:45 AM

I just don't like it at all. I look at old boxart/cover sites and remember walking into TG&Y and looking into that big Atari case and seeing plane games, and farmer killing gopher games, and even human cannonball games and having a feeling of just being able to chose from so MUCH. Of course I was just 5-6 when this was going on.

I even wish we had the days of going into a Babbage's with $10 and coming out with something really great and new that may or may not work on my old Tandy 2500XL.

I stumbled upon Space Quest, Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, Life and Death, The Punisher (the influence for so much right about the first GTA hands down) and Stunts all in this way. I even remember saving up the $40 for the first Civilization based on the sweet boxart alone.

I think I got used to dispoable gaming from these patterns, so now I am actually enjoying the bounty of odd PS2 games to scratch this itch for now. I just worry about where I go when the PS2 dries up.

Maybe by then we will have this downloadable market stuff at a price and content level I can get into. Of couse the alien hominid guys new game may be the reason I finally break down and get a 360 for myself.

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