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SubjectThe reality is Reply to this message
Posted byVanillaDome
Posted on07/10/07 06:01 PM

This shit has been going on since video games began. Go back and play some random A2600 games. 85% of them are unplayable. The rest are just terribly boring, or after a maximum of 4 minutes, become terribly boring. I played Adventure for like 2 minutes before I realized that I could be taking a nap instead. I'd also argue that at least 80% of the games on that system were ripoffs or derivatives of something else. I'd rather vomit than play some of those A2600 games; at least after you vomit, you feel a mild euphoria.

Rehash and un-originality have plagued every single video game platform since day one. It's just that when we were younger, we had lower standards, and it was wonderful. It's too bad things can't be that way anymore. I really do envy the children. I wish I could just bust out some action figures and have a good old time.

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