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SubjectRe: The reality is Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on07/11/07 09:52 AM

What ? Do you really think A2600 games are boring ?
Maybe i just have a different mindset than most people regarding games, but man, i do enjoy some A2600 games up from today. Maybe itīs because of the whole hi-score gaming thing, i always had hi-scores competitions with my brother, and then my friends, but hell..

Enduro is always fun to play.
River Raid is great, always.
Decathon rules
Missile Command too
that one where you have to throw vases on spiders eating your building (canīt remember the name)
hide & seek (although i always rather play the real thing, when i was a kid)
thereīs this another spaceship game, were you fly a blue blob thing, that is really good
dragon fire was great (lots of skills required)
adventure (loads of pacience, which is cool)
one with 2 submarines, killing fishes
the one were you are a frog and need to eat flies.

and lots of others.

i donīt know.. i kinda wish i still had my a2600, but my brother has it, and makes good use, and itīs always fun when i come over to his place, so no problems.

> > This shit has been going on since video games began. Go back and play some
> > random A2600 games. 85% of them are unplayable. The rest are just terribly
> > boring, or after a maximum of 4 minutes, become terribly boring. I played
> > Adventure for like 2 minutes before I realized that I could be taking a nap
> > instead.
> Adventure is one of my favorite games. I am seriously working on a design
> documents for the sequel to it as we speak :) It was just such a new idea and
> you could do so "many" different things, but the biggest thing it had going for
> it was being the first game on a console where you could pickup items (it came
> out in 1979!) It sold over a million copies, so it had it's day in the sun. And
> I understand it's sparseness turning some people off as well.
> I'd also argue that at least 80% of the games on that system were
> > ripoffs or derivatives of something else. I'd rather vomit than play some of
> > those A2600 games; at least after you vomit, you feel a mild euphoria.
> >
> > Rehash and un-originality have plagued every single video game platform since
> > day one. It's just that when we were younger, we had lower standards, and it
> > was wonderful. It's too bad things can't be that way anymore. I really do
> envy
> > the children. I wish I could just bust out some action figures and have a
> good
> > old time.
> >
> The Atari before the game crash years of say 83-85 really had a lot of variety I
> think. Activision Anthology is a perfect example of this, if you ever get a
> chance to pick it up cheap it's a fun nostalgia trip. It was after the success
> of the space invaders and the pong games that the imitators really stepped in.
> You are completely right that the library got really derivative, that's what
> killed for everyone: Shoddy knock off's and lack of creativity. But before the
> knock off's, I would venture to say that most of the 2600 games were original
> ideas. Some of them didn't work very well, ET and Raiders of the Lost Ark being
> some of the prime targets people mention, but they are original if horrible.
> After thinking about it, I agree with you that gaming has always had the
> copycats, but I think they always came later on in the dev cycles than they do
> now. Cost and risk of bombing on a new game is likely the primary reason though.

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