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Subject2 recordings - b-wings and antartic adventure Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on07/12/07 10:11 AM

in the same page of my last post..
i decided to record some old songs..
the antartic adventure song is probably a little over a month old, and the b-wings songs i did about 15 days ago.

none of them are GREAT, but i donīt think none of them suck too.

anyway, if you want to listen and opinion, thatīs some 8-bit love, right there.

http://www.roushimsx.com/tib-one/tibone/mp3/bewang.mp3 - B-Wings : Be Wang
The name is from a pirate cart a friend own (one of those 247238274-in-one, which lists B-Wings are B-Wang, which we made into Be Wang, like a motivacional speech. Know that Be the Ball crap? You turned into the Be The Wang crap.

http://www.roushimsx.com/tib-one/tibone/mp3/iceburn.mp3 Antartic Adventure : Ice Burn
no legatto notes, all stacatto.

anyway.. just posting for posting...

if anyone likes this, better.. if not, feel free to shoot it down.
both are in a "generic rock" style.

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.2 recordings - b-wings and antartic adventure  Ti-BOne07/12/07 10:11 AM
.*Loved Ice burn, but i though the second part wasn't quite spot on. NT  Death Knight07/12/07 12:14 PM
..*that doesn't have to be a bad thing, errors make you think it's being played live  Jonemaan07/12/07 02:28 PM
...*I didn't mean an error, i meant the arrange...  Death Knight07/12/07 03:12 PM
....*yeah, youīre right on that..  Ti-BOne07/12/07 08:03 PM
.....*Just trying to give some constructive criticism i hope. :-)  Death Knight07/12/07 08:33 PM
......*totally. i need to work on it..   Ti-BOne07/12/07 08:57 PM