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Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on07/13/07 04:34 PM

after trying everything i could, again..
i tried to format and do a fresh install of windows..
installed windows XP PRO SP2 with Ie6.
same stuff
tried removing the notebook battery, no luck.
tried switching cables, tried everything.. i can think of.
i am actually thinking about installing win98 on it, to test..
but i know it can be it, because other computers with winxp-sp2 works on this projector.
and this note, with this windows install, works on other projectors.
i tried using the s-video out instead of the vga-out, no luck, exact same behavior.
i am out of ideas.
i have NO IDEA what can it be.
and i leave work now, and i have by monday night to get this done.
no idea!

any help is appreciated.

> Okay, trick question here: (work problem)
> thereīs this notebook (HP Pavillion ze4430us) and this projector (Infocus LP280)
> both work fine (tested with other computer/projector/monitor/notebook) but
> doesnīt work with each other.
> The projector keeps "searching" for signal and nothing appears on the big
> screen.
> On Video properties, the driver (Radeon IGN 330M (i think)) finds the projector,
> and even shows the correct name and model of the projector.
> But nothing i seem to do, can make it work togheter. I tried the notebook with
> the same cable (VGA-VGA) in 3 other projectors, and worked great on all of them.
> I tried 2 notebooks and 1 computer (desktop) on the projector, and worked great.
> But togheter, the HP and the Infocus LP280 (have 2 of those in company) doesnīt
> work.
> I tried changing the refresh rate, the resolution, re-installing video drivers,
> nothing seems to fix it. I tried activating the second monitor in the video
> driver, and through the fN + f5 function. It doesnīt work. The projector behaves
> like thereīs no signal coming from the computer, but there is. If i take the
> cable off the infocus, and put on a (per example) DELL projector, it works.
> I have no idea what else can be.
> i matched resolutions, i matched refresh rates, i tried several actually, i
> tried leaving the image only on the project (turning off the notebook LCD
> display) no good.
> The only i havenīt tried is changing the LCD display driver (but the radeon
> driver, i have updated)
> no luck.
> machine is running Win XP Pro + SP2 + IE7
> any ideas that can help me out ?
> i am seriously think of coming to work tomorrow and do a fresh windows install
> in it.
> and if that doesnīt work, i may try the kicking technique.
> i googled for about a hour, nothing came up.
> please help a ca bro out ?
> mucho thanks in advance.

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