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SubjectRe: sorry for not reading your post *edit* Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on07/16/07 08:13 AM

> 1.) The laptop by itself works fine
> 2.) The laptop + other projectors work fine
> 3.) The problem projector + other laptops work fine
> So basically, you've reformatted and still a problem... :(
Yeah, that summons it up.

> I would normally
> suspect a driver issue, but if the laptop works with other projectors, it's some
> sort of component issue

Exactely my thoughts, but i still formatted it, anyway.

I havenīt seen a sync menu, but there is a autosearch function, i will try to look for it later today, i donīt have any (laptop or projector) here right now.

interesting fact : i got another Infocus LP280 (the problem projector) and it have the same issue. So itīs that unit especifically, itīs something with the model!

Other than, i think i ran out of options.

> Does the projector have a menu to choose a "sync" mode. Wikipedia has a nice
> short article on syncs. If it's not set right, it's possible that the the
> projector is looking on the wrong pin and can't get a signal, but this would
> normally result in a garbled signal on a monitor but the projector may require
> it particularly to "sense" the laptop. I'll look around some more and see what
> I can find.
> Edit: I was reading up on some projector stuff that says that the projector will
> look like it is searching for a signal, but really, it's stuck on one signal
> (say composite). There should be some sort of autosearch that will make it
> search all inputs or you can manually set it to the in put you want. Yes, I
> know it is very stupid and you've most likely tried it, but try turning on or
> off the autosearch.

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