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SubjectAgreed ... and watch out for the anger Reply to this message
Posted byMarv
Posted on07/16/07 01:45 PM

> It's really unlikely they'll come back. A good thief knows to quit when they're
> ahead. If it was personal you would have recognized something about them. If
> you're going to rob or kill someone, the best victim is someone you don't know.
> If there's no connection betwen the suspect and the victim, it makes the suspect
> incredibly hard to find.
> Since the sucessfully got what they want it's doubtful they'll risk coming back,
> especially if they think you're waiting for them.
> That being said, it's time to change your habits. Park closer to the door, talk
> to your neighbors and form a watch group. Also keep your drapes closed so no
> one can see what's inside. Maybe aim your webcam out the window. Even if it's
> not post signs that the property is under survelliance. To be safe re-key the
> locks if any keys were stolen.

Putting a (fake) camera on the outside of the building in an obvious place is one way to make thieves look for easier target.

Sooner or later, you might get pretty angry at the mo'fo's, and you won't be able to take it out on them. My advice - buy a punchbag so that it doesn't get misdirected...

Kudos for staying cool - you couldn't have done anything differently to get better results.

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