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SubjectStupid Cum Dumpsters! She'll hang off his neck like an albatross Reply to this message
Posted byCereal Killer
Posted on07/22/07 09:40 PM

> Link
> Harsh, or funny?
Niether, it's fucking sad. After she's done with 40 text messages and e-mails a day, she's gonna start showing regular at all the places he hangs out. Then she's gonna try to start hooking up with his friends. She's gonna spread the work about how fucked up he is. Maybe even fuck his freinds to get even with her. And if you think now is the time to pass her around like a box of candy so you can all have a laugh, think again. Bitches like that are black holes that suck away your life force. You'll just be feeding her more souls.

God forbid they ever get drunk either. The crying never stops after a few drinks. "HE RUINED MY LIFE BWAHAHAHAHA". And if there are other co-dependent bitches around they feed off of each other's crazy and form Voltron.

Bitches won't really kill themselves when they say they will. It's all just a show no matter how bad you egg them on. I remember telling this one cunt to cut along the arm, not the wrist. And how did they find her in my firends parking lot? Bitch cut along the wrist. I'm assuming at this point I was supposed to rush to her side and acknowledge how wrong I was. Good time for a weekend in Reno.

Another bad move is to try to hook up with another broad for protection. You'd think they'd fight each other off and take care of themselves. Not in bitch world. Always got to remember the guy gets the blame, all bitches hang together, and all your really doing here is providing Voltron another arm.

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