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SubjectHOORJ for being a victim again Reply to this message
Posted bywildcat
Posted on07/28/07 11:39 AM

Walking home last night; stopped by two random gangbangers wanting to know "where [I'm] from." One guy's pretty aggressive, the other's acting kinda drunk and buddy-buddy. I try and talk my way out of it, and eventually respond with "Chicago."

This was, it turns out, an incorrect answer.

They start jawing shit about "WEST SIDE" and shit and eventually ask what I got in my pockets. I respond with "Nothing, man, I swear."

This was, it turns out, an incorrect answer.

At this point, the aggressive one starts trying to get at me, and I notice he's put on brass knuckles. The "drunk" one is trying to hold him back and get me to empty my pockets. Eventually he tires of this and decides to throw the first punch. First thing through my mind is "Two-on-one randori, with what are likely to be lots of head punches? I'm fucked; I don't know enough aikido to get out of this shit." They only got a couple good shots in on me, with Knuckles landing one over top my head. Some random guy pulls over and asks WTF, and they say "Dude, he fuckin' attacked us!" Naturally, my POV is just slightly different. They aren't breaking off the attack quite yet. Then a TPD cruiser rolls past and they take off running. Cops give chase; lost them in an apartment complex.

Medics were called. While they're working on me, I'm sitting on the cop's bumper giving them the story and answering questions like "What day is it?" with "What time is it?" (It was a valid question, since it was nearing midnight at that time; I said Thursday anyway, for my third wrong answer of the night.) I pass out (I remember hearing the voices and radios and stuff, like a light sleep) and wake up sitting on the ground (fully alert). Long story slightly less long, they cart me off to UMC, give me seven staples and a handful of stitches for the top of my head, determine that I have no fractures, and let me have a little sleep. Discharged about 5:00; the guy behind the counter gave me a sandwich and some juice and said I could stay as long as I needed (I was planning to hop a bus after they started running, and like a dumbfuck spent my last single on cookies instead). Round about sunrise, the fat pig of a rent-a-cop kicks me out: "If you're discharged, you can't stay." Fucker.

So I get to walk home since none of my friends are probably alive yet. I'm a fucking mess; my face is clean, but my neck not so much, the left side of my hair is spiky with dried blood, and my shirt is a right bloody mess (so to speak). Someone driving down the street sees me and calls the cops to make sure I'm OK. *sigh* At least he (the cop) was nice about it. I finally rolled into home about an hour ago. I'm a little sore, but nothing I can't handle. I got a scrip for Percs, but I probably won't use it (even though I could turn a nice tidy little profit it'd help with the pain). The bad part's going to be "OMG WAHT HAPENED TO YUO??slahs" a hundred times a day for the next week.

So, how y'all are?

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