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SubjectWhat the fuck have you been playing? Reply to this message
Posted byRoushiMSX
Posted on07/29/07 03:16 PM

So the year is more than half over...what the hell have you guys been playing? Anyone tracking their completion numbers for this year? Anyone working through any game series of note?

I'm working on tackling the Splinter Cell quadrilogy on Xbox right now and just completed Legacy of Darkness on N64. Still have to play through Reinhart's quest (which I'll mark down as "Castlevania 64" on my list), but I had a pretty good time with Cornell's...kind of wish I knew how to make him transform while I was playing through it...it probably would have been much easier (that Dracula battle was tricky!). I want to do Curse of Darkness, but I'd prefer to do Castlevania III again beforehand. Perhaps after that I'll knock out the GBA Castlevanias, Dawn of Sorrow, Bloodlines, and then Portrait of Ruin.... but that's mostly long term stuff that reaches well into (and possibly through) next year.

Right now, the focus is on Splinter Cell and then Metal Gear. Not sure if I'm going to do the first two games or not... I may just plow through the MGS series, though it would be nice to replay through Solid Snake for the first time in a decade. Ghost Babel is a big maybe, too...we'll see about that one.

and yea, I set up a wiki to track the games as I tackle 'em. If anyone else wants in on it, let me know and I'll set you up an account and get your page started for you. If you want a quick game to notch up on the ol' list, fire up Ys III and hold down the unthrottle and attack buttons while in the cave. You'll max you levels in a few minutes and spend the next hour plowing through the game.

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