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SubjectI'm playing Ultima IV via DOSbox Reply to this message
Posted byitchyNADZ
Posted on07/30/07 00:25 AM

Great bit of fun to play the true classics again. I think I'll tackle Ultima V next or maybe Ultima III.

> so i pulled out the latest in the series of action rpgs and am playing through
> titans quest and immortal throne but finding myself bored already with not even
> 3 hours play time
> > So the year is more than half over...what the hell have you guys been playing?
> > Anyone tracking their completion numbers for this year? Anyone working through
> > any game series of note?
> >
> > I'm working on tackling the Splinter Cell quadrilogy on Xbox right now and
> just
> > completed Legacy of Darkness on N64. Still have to play through Reinhart's
> quest
> > (which I'll mark down as "Castlevania 64" on my list), but I had a pretty good
> > time with Cornell's...kind of wish I knew how to make him transform while I
> was
> > playing through it...it probably would have been much easier (that Dracula
> > battle was tricky!). I want to do Curse of Darkness, but I'd prefer to do
> > Castlevania III again beforehand. Perhaps after that I'll knock out the GBA
> > Castlevanias, Dawn of Sorrow, Bloodlines, and then Portrait of Ruin.... but
> > that's mostly long term stuff that reaches well into (and possibly through)
> next
> > year.
> >
> > Right now, the focus is on Splinter Cell and then Metal Gear. Not sure if I'm
> > going to do the first two games or not... I may just plow through the MGS
> > series, though it would be nice to replay through Solid Snake for the first
> time
> > in a decade. Ghost Babel is a big maybe, too...we'll see about that one.
> >
> > and yea, I set up a wiki to track the games as I tackle 'em. If anyone else
> > wants in on it, let me know and I'll set you up an account and get your page
> > started for you. If you want a quick game to notch up on the ol' list, fire up
> > Ys III and hold down the unthrottle and attack buttons while in the cave.
> You'll
> > max you levels in a few minutes and spend the next hour plowing through the
> > game.
> >
> Just Another Miller
> 2E2X1.net
> TeamDrunk.net

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