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Subjecthmm.. the R4 is a little more expensive than the ncard.. Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on09/25/07 07:33 AM

and i cant find this EZFlash V.

I will research a little more.
i would like to play some gba games on it, if possible.

how good is genesis and snes emulation on it ?
need some rnr-racing fix on the road.

> I use an EZFlash V and love it. The stock firmware is a bit meh, but update it
> to the latest version and you'll be hard pressed to find any games that don't
> work. Even Portrait of Run works peachy.
> One big drawback to the EZV is that you have to manually choose the save file
> settings, though. Thankfully, there's an updated list being maintained that you
> can just copy onto your cart and not have to worry about it.
> Hell, this wiki does a pretty good job of covering it all. That said, I'm
> looking forward to getting an R4 whenever I get another DS. I'd like to be able
> to more directly compare the two, plus both are made of equal parts awesome and
> win.
> I do kinda wish I had a slot-2 solution setup so that I could dump the save
> files from my original carts. One of the huge advantages of playing off the
> flashcart is being able to back up the saves to my pc (or swap 'em with other
> people). :(

one can never destroy the power of evil

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