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Subjectgive me your gba.. =P Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on09/25/07 08:49 PM

actually im not looking for anything specific.
i just have a lot of free time on the road, that i could use to play games, so, thats why i thought of a DS.
the PSP is rippingly expensive around here, and i have never even saw a Gp2x online to sell, much more one in person.

i initially thought of getting a gba, but the price difference between the two is ridiculous, thus buying a ds makes a lot more sense.

i just want some fun games to play while on my lunch breaks, and stuff.
and since i tend to like 2d stuff more, it seems like a good choice.
also, despite of which flash card i buy, i can play original gba games.. which is always a plus.
and with the emulators (at least 8 bit), i have even more stuff to play.. which is the main selling point, to me, so far.

or im gonna regret it ?

> Have a DS (1st edition) and a GBA SP before that. I got one of the old flash
> carts for the GBA that also works on the DS... however I've mostly ran NES emus
> on it. I've got quite a few games for both systems, but again, at the end of the
> day I've ended up mostly drawn to emus.
> So a few weeks ago, I caved and went for a handheld that is designed for emus.
> There's no firmware to hack, no flash cart to buy (just a big SD card), and the
> LCD quality is very good (no ghosting). I get about 6h of battery life (with a
> spare in the bag for extra mileage), and many of the emus are extremely solid.
> The Genesis emu (Picodrive) is absolutely awesome and almost flawless - plays at
> more than 60 FPS with 44 Khz sound, and even supports Sega CD.
> NeoGeo and CPS2 I get 60 FPS if I reduce the sound quality. SNES, PCE, and GBA
> are all playable, although with frameskip. Mame runs as well, although I find it
> a bit slow. Not too much of a problem to play in the train, though. Last but not
> least, the PC98 emu (for Japanese ero games) works great, as does the GB Color
> emu (though doesn't support save ram at the moment, annoying). Ah and there's a
> PSX emu but haven't tried it. No way it goes full speed, though.
> Of course the big drawback is that there are almost no commercial games on it.
> The offering isn't very appealing either, one of the most famous games (Payback)
> is just a clone of GTA1 (good one apparently, but I've never liked the first 2
> GTAs). There's one new game (Wind and Water) that looks interesting, and is
> quite cheap. Might get it sooner or later.
> Other than that, there's a bunch of ports from SDL and some open source games..
> like Quake1, Supertux, Transport Tycoon, plus some more obscure titles that are
> good as well. The homebrew scene is quite healthy at the moment - playing
> BattleJewels at the moment (some Bejeweled clone with RPG elements). There's an
> SDK and a bunch of tools to program in C/C++ with SDL, so anybody can start
> makign their own games.
> The thing is a bit more expensive than a DS Lite, but I do recommend checking
> one out if emu and homebrew is your primary objective for a handheld. There's a
> new version coming out in October that has a touch screen and a new D-Pad (the
> rest being the same), so the older model (F100 MK2) should go down in price
> soon. If you go for the older one, ensure you get a MK2 to increase the chance
> it will overclock well, though. (I can get mine up to 255 mhz without issues).
> So my advice for Tib is... think well how much you want to have the DS games. A
> 4GByte SD card will be much much cheaper than any flash cart, which mostly go up
> to 1Gbit (so 128 Mbytes), AFAIK.
> Not sure for how much you can get a GP2X in Brasil, though. May not be a cheaper
> option after all.
> [download a life]

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