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Subjectthanks for answer Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on09/27/07 11:18 AM

Usually, i wonīt even bother to be bothered by the way i am feeling, but its been more than usual right now, and i canīt make a reason for it.

I know its normal to not feel happy all the time, and in fact, my "normal" is not to be joyfull, happy or overly positive, in fact, i am somewhat of a negativist, but itīs the bland feeling, and the boredom added to lack of enjoying stuff i know i like that is really bothering me.

My job is going ok.
I have to make a effort to complete the task, but none of the tasks seem impossible or seem like something that might frustrate me. And i like the work place.

My relationship is okay, iīm not too experienced with relationships, but we rarely fight, and up until now, we usually had a lot to talk about and have fun togheter. These last days, however, it seems like i canīt have fun ?

Itīs not a season thing, unless iīm really weird, since we are entering spring, and we have each time more sunlight.

I donīt know..
itīs probably gonna pass in a few days.
i just realized that my birthday is right around the corner, so thatīs probably it... hopefully.
anyway, i will have some friends over the weekend, some beers, and all should be fine ?

Perhaps itīs just stress ?
or perhaps i just need to vent it out...
i donīt know..

Anyway, thanks man!

> Anxiety, being short with people, losing the will to do anything (including not
> getting out of bed at all in severe cases), sadness or an overall negative
> outlook on life all can be depression.
> However, despite what the pharmaceutical companies want you to believe, it's
> normal to feel depressed sometimes. The fact that you realize something is
> different and are looking for a way to get out of it is good.
> I mean, people can be so depressed that, like I said, they just don't do
> anything at all. That often times is due to genetic predisposition to MDD
> (major depressive disorder).
> In your case perhaps there is something bothering you but you just can't put
> your finger on it. Job not giving you the ability to fully use your talents or
> you're under appreciated? Relationships going OK, but not where you wanted them
> to be? People you're close with moving on to different places where you don't
> see them as much?
> A lot of times depression is triggered when there is something that is beyond
> your control (or seems beyond your control) that changes. This can even be as
> simple as changing seasons (as here in North America at higher latitudes, when
> the days get shorter due to changing seasons, there is Seasonal Depression
> caused by simple lack of sunlight).
> It doesn't mean you need medication, it just means you need to start thinking
> about what possibly is bothering you. If your job is a drag, don't quit it,
> start looking around to see if you can find a better job or use a job search
> leverage your way up in your current company.
> If it's relationships, just think that you can't change other people, they have
> to change themselves. People moving away or people dealing with death or
> disease is hard. However this doesn't mean that you can't reach out to the
> people you care about.
> If worst comes to worst and you simply can't shake the mood and can't find any
> explanation, see a doctor and explain your symptoms. If they do prescribe any
> meds, they'll take 2-4 weeks to kick in and 4-6 weeks to take full effect.
> Brain chemistry determines just about all psychiatric feelings so there really
> isn't a differentiation between the two (despite what Tom Cruise and his bunch
> of uneducated Scientologists purport). If you don't like meds, try a
> psychologist or psychiatrist. Sometimes it's just good to have a well trained,
> neutral third party to hear you out on what you have to say and by asking the
> right questions, they can have you come to the realization of what is the root
> of the problem.
> Biggest thing is, if it's bothering you don't not ask for help. You're not
> going to be happy all the time in life, but if you find yourself in a rut don't
> let something like depression get the best of you because there are a variety of
> very good ways to treat it.
> If you just want a simple online test from a reputable source to screen for
> depression, try here.
> _ _ - - = = Pr3tty F1y = = - - _ _

one can never destroy the power of evil

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