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SubjectRe: Limited time offers SUCK! Reply to this message
Posted byshutz23
Posted on10/04/07 00:42 AM

> For starters only the euros got fucked on that one as NOA has said when asked
> that as of now it is NOT a limited offer to get the 'real' SMB2 for $6(600pts)
> on the VC.
> Also that SNES and also that GBC game that had the 'lost levels' on it were both
> incomplete. The game (original) has both a World 9 with 4 stages and also then
> a Level A,B,C, and D you can access by beating it various ways. Neither one of
> the games had both of them in there, and the HOW to get it was screwed with to.
> So really, the SMB2j on the VC is the only 'real' copy still.
Actually, only yesterday, I finished playing through Lost Levels on Super Mario Allstars on ZSNES (occasionally using the rewind feature to avoid replaying long sections of levels) and that includes worlds 9, A, B, C and D. I'm only at world 2-1 on SMB2j on the VC, so I can't compare things much yet, but don't say that the Allstars version is missing levels, as it has all of them.

Apart from the remade graphics, the one major difference that I could notice was that SMB2j on the VC has continues restarting at the beginning of a world (as in, die in world 2-4, continue, and you restart at world 2-1) whereas the Allstars version lets you restart at the beginning of the level in which you died.

Oh, and when you're in one of those "labyrinth" levels with sections that loop until you take the right path, Allstars plays a chime when you get the right path, and a more negative tone when you take the wrong path, whereas the VC version doesn't give you any clues (like the original SMB).

By the way, if any of you are playing, if you want to see world 9, DO NOT use any of the warp zones, otherwise you'll start your second quest at world A-1.

And about warp zones: some of them can be reached by jumping over the end of level flagpole (easier to do when playing with Luigi.) Also, some warp zones take you backwards.

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