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Subjectbattletoads... Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on10/11/07 07:49 AM

for some reason, i REALLY loved that game, and i put an insane ammount of time into it.
From mapping the turbo tunnel by crashing into almost *every* wall.

(ok, down, jump, crash, ok, down, jump, up, crash, ok down.. etc..)

to opening the controls to never hit a diagonal while going through level 12 (it was 12 ? the wheelie toads level?)..

i beat it a couple of times.. but i really made an effort into it.

the first tmnt for nes is insanely hard past some point..
but before that, is quite a breeze.
however it is not that good of game.
take away the tmnt franchise, and the game would have sucked REAL bad..

> You would not believe the patience and the skill it took as a kid to beat tmnt
> nes. For sure it is hard, but can still be beaten.
> While im on the subject of NES games, Now battletoads.... made it to the last
> level once. Never beat the game. That game was super difficult. It took
> months of practice to get through that game. I still kept playing it though
> somehow.
> > The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for A2600
> >
> > Someone posted a link to the Top Gun review a week or so ago and it got me
> back
> > into watching these vids. The Spiderman and Nightmare on Elm Street reviews
> are
> > the best. Nightmare on Elm has some sweet music though (House #3); but that's
> > what the NSF is for. TMNT I actually kinda like, for the first 3 or 4 levels
> at
> > least, even though the underwater mission is indeed bullshit. Once you get to
> > the airbase it gets too fucking hard. Everything else I agree on.
> >

one can never destroy the power of evil

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