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SubjectNostalgia warps your memory, young skywalker Reply to this message
Posted byPr3tty F1y
Posted on10/24/07 11:14 AM

> I always thought the 32x version was by far the best version of MK2 of that
> generation. Maybe even better than the psx and saturn versions. The graphics
> were at least equal to, if not better than the snes version. Lots of little
> details (like the color of some parts of the backgrounds) and not so minor
> details (like the color of Johnny Cage...) are more accurate. Seemed like more
> animation was present too.

The backgrounds in MK II on the 32x weren't arcade perfect, they were Genesis perfect. I had some screenshots I took forever ago for this exact argument I had on IRC. The SNES is 256x224 and the 32x was 320x240 like the Genesis. The latter were sharpier, but Midway/William/Probe/etc... whoever did the 32x conversion didn't up the background cooler palette and they looked horribly dithered just like the Genesis.

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