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SubjectRe: Well, the games are backwards compatible Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on10/28/07 02:24 PM

> But they know how to pound the shit out of your wallet with accessories. Wii
> Play has been one of the best selling games of the decade not because it's a fun
> and enthralling game but that it comes with the Wiimote. They are masters of
> selling add-on, peripheral junk to the point of absurdity.
> pixel-eight.com
Got that damn right... $40 for the controller, or +$10 gets you like 9 mini-games (some which are quite good) and you just can't pass that up (I didn't.)

And then the zapper bit...genius! $25 gets you the controller lock-on and then a full scale Zelda FPS of sorts with multiple game modes. Basically the game goes between an on rails bit like Killer 7 on cube and then a hogan's alley type target shooter as well (and there's more too I never looked up.) Also smart is that there are many games to instantly back it up and on a good price scale. With MOH Heroes 2 is a full scale included light gun shooter game mode for free, Sega has 'Ghost Squad' which is the next virtua cop coming for just $30, and then for $40 you get the Resident Evil game as well all within like 2 weeks of the gun popping up. Very smart move and smartly priced as well.

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