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SubjectCars is a horrible game... suck it THQ Reply to this message
Posted bySilentAce
Posted on11/27/07 05:26 PM

seriously... own the game... fucking horrible. Bad controls, retarded almost identical objective missions and shit... just an all around bad game

> Well I'm staying off the online 'bullcorn' because I think you should know well
> enough what classic system games blow and not once you see the list.
> Far as on the system goes for the kid I'd look into anything with Spongebob or
> Cars as they were done well by THQ. Elebits is good for anyone. Kids also like
> the little things in Wii Play, plus you'll need 2 controllers really anyways so
> it's just $10 for all those cheap quicky fun things of which 1/2 are pretty
> good. I'd also recommend Super Paper Mario for a mix of SMB classic with some
> Paper Mario rpg elements and tons of story tossed in. Mario Party I understand
> was the first good one since like the original 1 or 2 so that's a good idea. On
> the older end of things CoD3 is damn fine, but MOH Heroes 2 really 'uses' the
> system, has ea nation online (no gay codes), runs like a champ. Metroid
> depending how you are on kids playing is good, and at the least for you too (and
> MOH is its equal too, EA did a great job.) If you don't mind an older game
> brought back, Godfather is seriously impressive with the wii controller as those
> 3rd person 3D worlds actually are navigatable, aimable, and drivable in a good
> way finally, camera too.
> Honestly I'd stay away from Zelda unless you can dedicate a good 2 hours a shot
> at playing it because it still uses that archaic save system the 2D went by, and
> if you don't hit a spot you're sent WAAAAAY back like a good 10-20 min or worse
> at times as the game is huge and with the loss of some things. Total horseshit,
> plus the primary attack is just wagging the controller which sucks as the
> secondary like bow and arrow is perfect, simulating like a real bow would
> work...go fig on that tardation. It's overrated basically...I'd call it the
> Wii's FF7.

Just Another Miller

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