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SubjectRe: How fucking hard is it to make a game that doesn't cheat? Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on12/05/07 10:11 PM

Add Mario Kart DS very high on the list. The game is wretchedly cheap on 150cc mode, damn well impossible to win even with flawless driving without using the game wrecking pseudo-cheat of snaking an entire course.

If you drive a 'normal' MK game like SMK and MK64 had you do, you fail. The 1st place car will stay about 1-2sec in front of you, not doing the 'snake', turbo or mushroom...but drives as fast as endless mushroom or something. You stay in 2nd place, and places 3-8 will and ONLY will attack you with anything they randomly make or pick off the track. You can easily still beat the crap out of them and get back to 2nd, but you are denied first. Even if you use the gold shroom for temp endless turbo, it still will just barely stay ahead of you. The game fucking sucks a nut, and when you combine the online shit of snaker fucks sucking the fun out of that, the game is useless once 100cc is ended. 50cc was semi-easy, and 100cc was hard but a pleasure...150 is for sadists who like to cheat to win or like being humiliated by fake challenge.

SO fucking sick of racers who use magic rubberband ai and other tardish shit to make it hard. Just make smart drivers who pick on everyone equally and design a smart course...they used to fucking do it, and it's like Namco with Ridge Racer 1 and games since made it trendy to just be cunty.

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