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SubjectSMGP on Genesis Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on12/06/07 05:39 AM

G. Ceara was the man.
After you win the first championship, you get to drive the madonna, and itīs challenged by this new guy G. Ceara (a Brazilian, i think itīs supposed to be Senna, not sure) and the guy has a rocket start, it just jumps to the front, and no matter the fact that you have the fastest car in the game and are driving flawlessy, you canīt seem to get to him.
Thereīs a trick to win, but itīs a trick, itīs a normal game play.

in fact SMGP is funny, because it really doesnīt matter that you have the fastest car, on the straightways the cc cars you gain on you, however on every turn, you gain back (or more) what you lost on the straightway.

> I know I've bitched about this before, but for fucks sake, will it ever end?
> I'm playing March Madness 2001 for Playstation and for the most part it's
> excellent. It's everything I want in a college basketball simulator except for
> the AI. There are just certain matches where it decides that you need to lose.
> Ok, In some games you play, your guys shouldn't play as well, that's realistic,
> but this is the kind of shit that only happens in a basketball player's
> nightmare. If you take a shot and another player is even somewhat close to you,
> it will be blocked, every single time. Your guys start not going for rebounds,
> and if they do, the ball bounces off of their hands. The foul calls are messed
> up. Your defense is useless, because they will just run through your guys
> somehow and get a dunk. Or an alley-oop. You will get zero steals. I knew it
> was just some kind of sick joke by EA when the other team started purposely
> missing free throws so that they could grab the rebound and dunk it for more
> points. It hate helpless like that. Thankfully I didn't pay actual money for
> it, so I can't be too outraged. I would still like to see an explanation from
> someone who works for a game dev explaining why they put this hair-pulling
> bullshit into otherwise good games.
> I need to start a registry of games that pull this stuff:
> NBA Jam
> NBA Hangtime
> NCAA March Madness
> Need For Speed Underground 1 and 2
> F-Zero
> Mario Kart Double Dash
> Tokyo Xtreme Racer
> What else?

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