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SubjectHmm, I didn't get that Reply to this message
Posted byMarv
Posted on12/07/07 02:39 AM

> Add Mario Kart DS very high on the list. The game is wretchedly cheap on 150cc
> mode, damn well impossible to win even with flawless driving without using the
> game wrecking pseudo-cheat of snaking an entire course.
> If you drive a 'normal' MK game like SMK and MK64 had you do, you fail. The 1st
> place car will stay about 1-2sec in front of you, not doing the 'snake', turbo
> or mushroom...but drives as fast as endless mushroom or something. You stay in
> 2nd place, and places 3-8 will and ONLY will attack you with anything they
> randomly make or pick off the track. You can easily still beat the crap out of
> them and get back to 2nd, but you are denied first. Even if you use the gold
> shroom for temp endless turbo, it still will just barely stay ahead of you. The
> game fucking sucks a nut, and when you combine the online shit of snaker fucks
> sucking the fun out of that, the game is useless once 100cc is ended. 50cc was
> semi-easy, and 100cc was hard but a pleasure...150 is for sadists who like to
> cheat to win or like being humiliated by fake challenge.
> SO fucking sick of racers who use magic rubberband ai and other tardish shit to
> make it hard. Just make smart drivers who pick on everyone equally and design a
> smart course...they used to fucking do it, and it's like Namco with Ridge Racer
> 1 and games since made it trendy to just be cunty.

It was hard to win at 150cc, but perfectly possible.

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