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SubjectWeird DOSbox problem Reply to this message
Posted byRoushiMSX
Posted on12/19/07 11:34 PM

Ok, I ran into a DOSbox problem that I've never experienced today. Hopefully one of you peeps can help out. When I fire up DOSbox, it runs stuttery/shitty/slow. I can't figure out why.

Previously, everything worked fine. Timesynched was enabled, cycles were either auto or hand tweaked to whatever I wanted, core was either dynamic/auto/normal depending on what I was trying to run, etc. In short, it didn't matter what I tried to play before, everything was fine.

Today, all of that shit changed. At first, I thought it was just my dosbox.conf getting fucked up, so I nuked it and built a fresh one. Even on a fresh dosbox.conf with the cycles set to a paltry 3k, it'll run like doodie. I'm not even talking about ingame, here. This is well before then when you're still staring at the CLI.

- I checked Task Manager to see if anything else was robbing cycles, but I've still got ~96% free.

- I updated my DirectX Runtimes for shits n grins (using Direct3d output, but surface/overlay/opengl all have the same problem)

- I tried downgrading to the last stable/official release instead of using a more recent CVS build. Tried rolling back a few versions (to 0.70). Same problem.

- I disabled any antivirus software. Never caused a problem before, but fuck, figured killing it would be worth a try anyway. Killed Trillian too, since it will rarely do something silly like this. Started disabling every background process I could.

It did briefly work fine for a little bit for no apparent reason. Played a little bit of Blood and worked my way through a couple of Duke Nukum levels, but then performance went right back to shit and once again it would run fine, pause, run fine, pause, etc.

Has anyone else had this same problem and know of how to fix it? Kinda bumming me out over here :(

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