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SubjectMaster System rocking it out bigtime - deals on goodies Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on01/06/08 00:05 AM

Decided with some Christmas cash this year I'd finally pick up a Sega Master System as I got hooked on that stupid Coleco 20in1 thing they had for sale at Target. Locally this dude had this ad on Craigslist for an in box, complete SMS with 2 pads, light gun, and tossed in 7 games with it...total $40. Reality was it still had some plastic safety crap on the face of the unit and on the gun sides...very lightly used. I got Great Baseball and Basketball, Zillion 1 and 2, Outrun, and HangOn-Safari Hunt with all that.

Next step was checking local...nothing but one place in town, had just 3 games of which I took 2 (Great Golf is horrid) but Casino Games and Reggie Jackson Baseball are nice for $15. Everything I've had to this rate is boxed except Zillion, most with manuals and poster.

Then I hit ebay and nailed some goldmines on deals...mostly.
First I got 4 from one guy for $15+ship and they were R-Type $2.25, Wonderboy in Monsterland 6cents (cart only), Sonic 2 $7.50, and Castle of Illusion $5.25.

I then had 4 particulars I wanted they were alone...only didn't do 'well' getting normal value on one...Phantasy Star for $25. Got Wonderboy 3 for $20 free ship, Ys Book 1 for $5.50, and Columns for $5.50 too.

The real goldmine though was a lot of 12 games I got for just $16! All them in box, only 2 with books (no big deal) and they are Govellius, Shinobi, The Ninja, Alien Syndrome, Choplifter, Enduro Racer, Double Dragon, Spellcaster, Rambo 2, Rampage, Miracle Warriors, and Kung Fu Kid.

Between the ebay buys was $130 w/ship... and then $55 locally between the original pickup and the 2 others. Definitely a 'Roushi' moment with the dealing there on the games for sure and the hardware. Was quite a trip reading through the SMS books, posters, and the rest...makes me wish I still had the NES one. :\

...I'm hoping in time to nab some Brazilian gems like Battletoads among others...and quite a few EU only titles too. Hot on my want it now list is Alex Kidd, Sonic 1, and more light gun stuff...afterburner too. Any other suggestions?

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