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Subjectany new trackers (music sw)? Reply to this message
Posted byTerry Bogard
Posted on02/15/08 04:44 PM

I think there are some oldsk00l sk3n3rz here, so I hope someone will be able to answer.

Not that I have all that spare time, but I'd love to have some fun tracking silly music like I used to with Fast Tracker 2, Scream Tracker 3, Impulse Tracker and all the other stuff.

I have stumbled upon Skale tracker (which is free but discontinued, no updates since 2006 or so), and Renoise (which seems cool but costs money, which is sort of weird for a tracker). Is there something else which you'd define the successor of Fast Tracker 2? I'm not demanding that Starbreeze guys go back to programming trackers, but I thought there must be some nostalgic programmer willing to revive trackers, despite Fruity Loops and its "make cool music in 4 keystrokes" approach.

Yeah, I want to go back and compose 1 note at a time and waste 15 minutes for a couple of patterns, so what?

I have a fading memory about Buzz, too, but I think I never made music on it, because I felt that as a musician I was not worthy of its realtime synthesis capabilities... however, now I'd give it a shot.

Subjectdepends on taste new Reply to this message
Posted bynewsdee
Posted on02/15/08 08:20 PM

For me FT2 remains one of the best things out there. I mean it even had Nibbles in it, how awesome is that. I reckon it should still work in DOSBOX.

Here's a good starting point from the hive mind:

- MilkyTracker looks pretty good, and seems to be free.
- MadTracker is freeware.
- MODPlug tracker is GPL now.

I guess it's a matter of trying the Windows ones and see if you like the interface. If nothing holds your fancy then I would go the DOSBOX route, or perhaps even use an Amiga one.

Let me know which one you go with, might give it a try too.

[download a life]

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