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SubjectRe: WOuld Final Fantasy 7 be worthy of a play through today? Reply to this message
Posted byTechrat 2004
Posted on02/26/08 09:16 PM

Final Fantasy VII is worth playing through. Most final fantasy games are worth playing. Take your time and play through all the Final Fantasy games you own.

I am playing Final Fantasy V, and then I'll go back to IV, and figure out which I'll do after that. I intend to play through as many as possibly by the end of the year.

My overally goal is to play every Final Fantasy from 1-XII, except 11, as I don't care for an online MMORPG.

> Never got around to playing it, due to having a psx early in the system life,
> then having it "borrowed" by a friend for well, forever. He sold it and all my
> hot titles like ncaa 1996 and 1997, heh.
> Anyways, I finished the original one on the psp and really enjoyed it, so
> thought I might give this one a try. It has so many glowing reviews, even people
> calling it the best game of all time.
> I also have the latest one, 11 or 12 whichever it was, that I only spent about
> 15 minutes with since I didn't have the time. Would I be better off playing the
> latest and greatest and just youtubing or wiki'ing the story to 7?
> What's the consensus?

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