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SubjectDQ Swords(Wii) Delivers on Sword unlike a certain 1st party game Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on02/29/08 08:56 PM

I just picked this up today and while it's not a traditional RPG in some ways (you map to areas and follow a linear path) it does have the usual with items, pick ups, cash, found goodies, leveling up, and bought gear, and more.

What really captured me was the gameplay mechanic in that sword play is as done by your hand by the motions dictated possible which are: diagonal, up/down, left right, stab, and special moves you learn. You can also swipe to boomerang a projectile and you can block with a nice shield system too. It's funny it basically is doing what Nintendo crapped on about that Zelda would so called do on Wii and yet we got waggle play and then DQ sword like precision just on secondaries.

I'm really enjoying this game quite a bit so far as it's just fun and accessible. Not a fan of the lack of an open world, but the pathing does make it more of a challenge and more interesting than just not knowing where to go which is nice to have for a change of pace at times. Audio and visuals are just awesome, like being sucked into a cartoon...very well done. 1/2 the game text is done verbally and is quality audio too (Even stuffy uptight snob game reviewers I'm seeing say it too.) They also had yet another very well played use of controller use, the speaker. Sound effects such as the close up stuff, blocks, slashes, door open(knob and hinge creak), walking on various forms of ground, etc come from there and gives a cheap pseudo level of immersion.

It's quite good and while I am committed usually nightly to do some Guild Wars I got all weekend to off and on poke away at this game and I will. If you're a DQ fan who wouldn't be offended by a non-100hour game, non-everywhere to explore type, but still retains all the other feel including the paced leveling aspect, and the new well detected sword play it's a must.

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