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SubjectRe: just wanting to try it. Reply to this message
Posted byHalcyon
Posted on03/26/08 01:03 PM

> I did get a look, and aparentely, my videocard is not supported ? I will look
> further into it.

There's always the option of using vesa mode, and it works ok but doesn't look as nice as hardware acceleration (the mouse cursor flickers when you move it around or if there is background animation, videos will play slow full-screen, etc)

> True that, but i donīt want a dedicated machine for osx.
> I might just run through vmware, but that is just too slow sometimes.
> But it might be worth a shot.
> Donīt have any intentions of running it as my main os. Iīm doing just fine with
> XP, especially since i use some windows only recording software that i like.

Yeah it's not really worth screwing up your system over... Anyway if you were going to use it as your main OS, you could always run parallels or darwine or VMWare Player in OSX. It's actually not as bad as you'd think. I really haven't had to actually start Windows in a long ass time, and the only recent Windows software I used were tools for flashing a PSP, Safari 3.1 for Windows (just to check it out) and Buzz Machines, but they all worked fine in wine.

> But thanks for the information, i started downloading what appears to be a right
> version for my hardware.
> Iīll let you know how it goes..

Hope it works!

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