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SubjectMeka has FM Sound Support and a lot of filters. -nt- not bad. Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on04/08/08 04:33 PM

wish i had money to buy a xbox, but i donīt have that kind of cash to invest into a console, right now.

> But what you really want to do is just buy an old XBox, mod it, then put on
> ZSnexbox, NeoGenesis, HugoX, FCEUltraX, XBoyAdvance, MAMEoX, SMSPlusX, NeoPopX,
> DOSXbox, Surreal64, and finally FinalBurnXXX. Then you have a box that holds
> all your ROMs and savegames/savestates, plays them on TV like you're supposed
> to, and has 4 convenient joystick ports. You can easily make a USB attachment
> for mouse/keyboard (DOSBox, Mouse on Genesis/SNES, etc).
> On the PC, I'd say the same:
> > Genesis : Gens (Kega Fusion is also complete, but i am more confortable using
> > Gens)
> > Master System : Meka
> > NES : NEstopia (seems to be good enough) and NesterDC (on the Dreamcast)
> But I also like DSMS (never tried Meka) because it's got a graphical filter that
> makes SMS games look like it's hooked up by a composite cable, and also you can
> pimp out the SMS sound by turning on General MIDI (if you never did this, you
> have to hear it). I also like FCEUltra because you can enable the 6th NES sound
> channel for some pretty sweet sound on a lot of Japanese games, plus it's
> meticulous in its emulation of the NES (too bad there aren't any PSX or N64
> emulators that are this accurate).

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