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Subjectmaybe, but I think it's the component mode Reply to this message
Posted bynewsdee
Posted on05/04/08 11:19 AM

> Could be the upscaling on your TV? Try something in 480p on another console to
> see.

I don't have another 480p console :-) It could be the upscaling because connecting a PC is also slightly blurred (I can't get it to run the native res, I need to find a driver).

To be honest you have to be close to the TV to notice. I also saw there is some light "ghosting" on the right of edges which I have always seen on S-Video DVD players, so I always wrote it down to some S-video artifact.

The ghosting is mostly noticeable for pixel games (Virtual Console), otherwise it doesn't bother me. One day I asked about that in a store (because it surprised me to see it with BlueRay media) but they told me some bull crap about "signal strength". I could tell the guy was talking out of his ass so I left it at that. I don't believe a better cable could fix it because I have seen it for *every* DVD player demoed in stores out there.

Component *does* give the crispier graphics I've ever seen on a TV though. Colors are also stronger. I think to get PC pixel quality I would have to use an HDMI connection. I didn't try as I don't have a machine that supports it yet.

I'm not really being fair as I'm comparing to a PC LCD screen :-D

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