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SubjectI've had an iPhone 3G a week, and I'm not impressed Reply to this message
Posted byCereal Killer
Posted on08/04/08 01:30 PM

I had a project for work where it would come in handy, so I went to the AT&T store and ordered one. I got it in 2 days instead of waiting in line. The lines at Walnut Creek, and San Francisco went around the block. All those people are either Apple religious, or want to stab their heads with ice picks after acutally getting this. Here's what I think of it.

The Plan:
If you are an AT&T customer about $25 is added to your Nationwide plan. You wind up paying around $78 a month. If you qualify to upgrade your phone it's $299 for the 16GB. Otherwise I think it's $499. Regardless it's expensive.

The iPhone:
This device would be pretty cool if it had a flash card reader, and a removable battery. Leaving Wi-Fi on drains the battery in about 12 hours. The battery does semm to charge faster than an iPod. The camera is so so. It's 2 megapixels, of questionable quality. At least the 3G version doesn't make you buy an adapter to use your own headphones. The built in keypad, sucks the donkey balls and I have skinny fingers.

This device is so locked into iTunes, it's like wearing a straight jacket. You can't synch anything without it, and certain features are locked if you didn't purchase them again in the iTunes store. Synching music is a drag because my music folder is way bigger than 16GB. Now I have to create a new playlist for anything I want on the phone. You can't use any of it as custom ringtones unless you bought it from the iTunes store, although there are other pain in the ass ways to do it. All the movie formats they claim to support they don't. The file will refuse to synch.
I can say iTunes sets up your phone well. It goes to Outlook or Outlook Express, and retrieves all your mail server info, and contacts.

GPS Maps:
This is really the only feature I'm impressed with. If there are no tall buildings the GPS is accurate to about 10 feet. The feature only works if you are on the network. But it downloads maps and satellite photos live. Meaning the maps are always up to date. The photo of my house shows my brother's car in the driveway.

The 3G network:
You get an icon that tells you if it's using 3G or Edge. It's alittle fatser using 3G, but it's not offered in every neighborhood here yet. My house is in the Edge network.

The App Store:
Most of the apps are stupid. There's at least a dozen Magic 8 Ball apps. And 4 cowbell apps. Hardly anything useful. Ms. Pac Man is $9.99. I did find the complete works of Shakespeare for free.

Built in Apps:
Calculator, Maps, Weather, Calendar, and notes are all I use. I don't give a rat's ass about YouTube videos, or Stocks. Safari doesn't seem to play back some of those wonderful videos you guys post, like the Guiness commercial.

Overall, I'm not thinking this was a good idea to replace my iTunes phone with this. I'm not going to jail crack it right away. It has potential, but it's not being used. For now you'd be better off with a blackberry or any other smart phone. It's just not worth it when you tack on the rate plan.
And for the record I did not post this from my iPhone.