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SubjectRe: Sega CD died Reply to this message
Posted byHalcyon
Posted on08/12/08 01:28 PM

> I still have 1/2 of my originals, I was nice by giving away the Sega CD and a
> Genesis, but not THAT nice.
> Like I'd hand over my Popful Mail, Lawnmower Man, or other few favorites without
> good reason.
> The Sega CD/Genesis were taking up too much room and I wanted another system.
> In our *me and Charline's* crowded apartment I have to get rid of some systems
> and games from time to time.

Ah, the Genesis/Sega CD is probably my favorite system, yet when I was a kid I wanted a PlayStation more than anything, so I got rid of my whole kit and games (worst move I ever made) and have been trying to get it back piece by piece ever since. The Genesis has most of my memories. I decided ever since then I would never get rid of anything related to gaming, unless I could sell a huge collection on eBay later on when emulation for all my systems is as meticulous as FCEUltra (although Kega Fusion is getting there I think, but SNES, N64, PSX, & Saturn?)

> There are a few systems I can't imagine getting rid of, but who knows what will
> happen in the future.

I hope I'm never strapped for cash, I'd probably be living in the gutter fighting everyone off my hoard with a stick heh... Marry me, marry my games...

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